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A Foundation For Growth

Theory is an industry-leading provider of contemporary clothing for men and women. Its brick-and-mortar stores across the USA, France, UK, and Asia enjoy a solid reputation. But cumbersome and time-consuming image creation and management were preventing them from delivering a solid performance online. They needed to upgrade to a more powerful platform to support growth and advancement.


Leading brands like Theory need to move fast to give customers a fresh, personalized experience that makes them feel excited to shop and keep coming back.But its previous platform was making this tough to pull off. Developers were always swamped with endless image iterations as content had to be perfectly rendered for all devices. These were never ‘quick fixes’.Theory was stuck: It couldn’t grow or deliver a better experience with image iteration and asset management eating up so much time.
  • Developers spending too much time editing images
  • Needed a proven, trustworthy platform to render images from one single asset
  • Struggling to find time for innovation


Amplience’s ease of workflow and breadth of features allowed Theory to streamline tedious tasks so that they could deliver serious results. Consistently.

An out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud made implementation seamless. And they were able to rapidly upload and utilize images for every platform immediately.Amplience’s support for interactive merchanding, including sophisticated carousels, promotional banners and video, allows Theory to elevate their webiste and deliver a more engaging, personalized experience for their customers.By adopting Dynamic Media, Theory were able to put more image management power in the hands of users, while simultaneously simplifying the process and freeing up time and resources.

How Amplience Made the Difference

Creating and managing images through Amplience meant that Theory’s developers no longer had their schedules flooded with tedious image creation. Now, all they had to do was review and approve them. With designers able to work directlyin the platform, developers could now focus on their top tasks to take Theory’s site to the next level.Improved productivity and quicker processes were experienced by the whole team. Theory could now focus on merchanding and other key priorities that help them provide a better customer experience, drive engagement and increase conversion.
Amplience has really elevated our image management. They delivered the fast, seamless workflow that we needed to drive results.
- Theory

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