Shoe Carnival

Delivering Lightning Fast Campaigns

Speed, Agility and Scale

Shoe Carnival is one of America’s largest family footwear retailers, with around 400 physical stores across 35 states and in Puerto Rico. They pride themselves on providing the best value in footwear, with the motto ‘Big Brands, Big Savings, Big Fun!’. With daily promotions and hundreds of new product drops every month, speed and agility is key to the success of Shoe Carnival’s digital customer experience.


For years, Shoe Carnival had been using an outdated content management system and eCommerce solution. Updating existing content, building new content, moving categories and navigation changes all went through a ticketed system for developer input, which led to long lead times that made it difficult to be reactive to market and business changes – a huge problem in the world of fast-moving retail.It became apparent that in order to deliver fast, responsive content, and to improve their customer experience, Shoe Carnival needed a new digital platform to facilitate speed, agility and scale.

Key Challenges

  • Internal teams lacked the tools they needed to be fast and agile in content production, resulting in long lead times for campaign execution and content updates
  • Technology limitations meant that Shoe Carnival didn’t have all the eCommerce solutions they needed to improve site performance and customer experience, and had to seek other vendors and partners to bring into their technology stack
  • In fast-moving retail, Shoe Carnival needed new technology to enable agile content management, improve the speed of campaign execution and reduce the need for developer time with content updates

The Solution

Shoe Carnival was an Amplience customer before going headless, so familiarity with the product, image caching and integration into their existing technology stack meant Amplience was the best fit for their next stage of digital growth. Shoe Carnival now uses Amplience’s full-stack Commerce Experience Platform, which brings together an API-first, integrated CMS and DAM with automated media and experience delivery services.

For search capabilities, Shoe Carnival uses Amplience partner Algolia, leveraging their AI Search & Discovery platform to eliminate all the manual work that goes into re-ranking, returning tailored search results to customers with natural language processing and using automation to simplify workflows.

At Salesforce Connections 2023, we chatted to Courtney Grisham, Director of Ecommerce at Shoe Carnival, to find out more about how Amplience helped them to execute campaigns faster, improve their customer experience and increase conversions. Watch the full video below and on our YouTube channel.

The Results 

Campaigns are executed in a fraction of the time it used to take Last-minute campaigns can be launched almost instantly, across all channelsTeam productivity has doubled No need for developer time with making content or navigation changes on site Twice as many content and search rule changes can be made in half the time it took before Landing page conversions have increased by 6%

How Amplience & Algolia Made The Difference

With retail moving faster than ever, it was essential for Shoe Carnival to execute their content and campaigns quickly, and to set new promotions live daily. Amplience’s Commerce Experience Platform and Algolia’s Search & Discovery Platform has facilitated speed and agility in internal workflows, removing the need for developer input and allowing merchandising and marketing teams to be reactive to business changes and customer demands.

Partnering with Amplience has transformed our online experience by empowering users with the tools necessary to make impactful changes, that drive real results, in real-time. In order to match our customers’ expectations, we need to make changes fast, and Amplience gives us the power to do just that.”
Courtney Grisham, Director, eCommerce

Sky-High Conversion Rates, Lightning-Fast Campaigns with Amplience & Algolia

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