Mobile-First and Fashion Hungry

More Than Halved Production Time

Liberty is an iconic UK department store, set over 6 floors, bringing cutting-edge design, unexpected edits and beautiful wares from the world’s greatest craftspeople in fabric, beauty, fashion, and home. Customers walking into Liberty expect world-class service and products. And today, they expect the same online.Learn how Liberty teamed up with Amplience to create a powerful new online experience to engage customers at the same level as their flagship store.


Today’s hungry ‘fast fashion’ customers don’t want to wait around for new styles to become available. Brands like NELLY are under pressure to deliver. And to do it fast. That’s not new info for NELLY, but it felt the need to upgrade to give customers the immersive experience they want. Rapid creation and delivery of interactive product images are essential to stay on top of fashion’s relentless pace. New agile systems were needed so that NELLY and NLY Man’s teams could produce content at pace, without disrupting teams’ day-to-day activities.NELLY had received poor levels of support and communication from its current legacy provider. So finding a proven platform that they trusted was one thing, migrating was another. With and combined, they had a staggering 1.1 million image assets to be migrated.Key challenges:
  • High customer expectations in a fiercely competitive market
  • A huge customer base with a mobile-first preference
  • 1 million assets to be migrated


NELLY chose Amplience to help them deliver an outstanding online experience. Ease of use, superior functionality and its bold list of comprehensive features put NELLY’s mind at ease that it now had the platform to deliver what customers want.

The staggering 1.1 million assets were migrated in just two months, providing major relief. Teams can now get instant access to any asset from the cloud. Any changes can be swiftly adapted without developers’ help, so teams can react fast to the latest trends with stunning content.

How Amplience Made the Difference

NELLY was able to move away from a dislocated production cycle to a single, consolidated process from creation to delivery. More efficient asset management and a better way to deliver experiences means they can rapidly respond to the latest trends with engaging content.The speed, support and communication of the Amplience project team made a tangible difference for NELLY. Our expert consultants were on hand to help teams adapt quickly. And sharing their in-depth platform knowledge at every stage made sure the system was working at its best, shortening the delivery time. NELLY now has the platform to exceed the high expectations of fast fashion shoppers.Delivering better experiences, at speed, on every device. So that every customer gets a flagship online experience.
Amplience are highly attentive to our needs. And the speed and efficiency of their solution made an immediate difference
- Nelly

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