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Hotter Shoes is the UK’s largest shoe manufacturer in the UK, serving over four million consumers both online and in-store. But 2020 was a tough year for them, with the tough decision made to close 59 stores.

But seeing the value in being a digitally-led business, Hotter Shoes teamed up with Amplience to create seamless customer experiences which have led to eCommerce sales growth.


Hotter Shoes serves over four million consumers both online and in-store, primarily in the older female market. The challenge of Covid-19 and lockdown forced the company to make some hard choices.

It looked carefully at its well-performing brand, its success in catering for the 65+ age group, and the economic challenges of brick-and-mortar stores in the current climate. It took the decision to close 59 of its 82 shops in 2020, however the uptick in eCommerce sales growth that ranged from 20% up to 27% during the Peak period and run up to Christmas, gave the company the confidence it needed to forge ahead with its digital transformation project.

Their goals:

  • Recognize customer shopping habits and footwear needs and use technology to accurately serve the audience

  • Engage the entire Hotter team in the transformation process

  • Manage inventory better

  • Create content that encouraged customer dwell time.


In June 2020 Hotter invested in Amplience’s unified platform for commerce content. This instantly allowed the company to optimise its existing assets and automate product media and images to improve storytelling across the site.

Content teams were able to respond quickly to a changing situation, adapting content according to need. Customers were directed towards slippers, walking shoes and health footwear, to meet the growing demand and encourage sales. Hotter peppered new content across its pages highlighting the benefits of choosing the right shoes forcustomised comfort and even suggested good walks that its customers could take.

How Amplience Made the Difference

The user interface engaged the entire team, from the creative and eCommerce designers through to the brand marketers. Comprehensive training made it straightforward and easy to use.Working with Amplience encouraged Hotter to think differently about its digital offer. Where previously content pages and selling pages were presented separately, now they work concurrently, presenting a more cohesive customer journey.At the beginning of lockdown, with concerns around social distancing, Hotter took its foot of the pedal when it came to the face-to-face programme of usability it ran with a select group of customers.However, once this was reinstated with surveys and online consumer usability groups, it was able to derive detailed insights. These were applied using the Amplience platform so that a more personalised service could be delivered to customers.
Amplience has encouraged hotter to think differently about its digital offer. We’re at the beginning of our relationship, but it’s already reaping benefits.
- Victoria Betts, Chief Commercial Officer, Hotter Shoes

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