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BMC Stock and Building Supply is a leading provider of diversified building products and services, serving builders and contractors in the residential housing market. With locations in 18 states and 43 markets, BMC teamed up with Amplience.

The goal? Create rich imagery and powerful content with ease. Consistently. And with rock-solid systems that scale with BMC’s vision.


BMC has continued to expand since its website launched in December 2015. But after entering multiple new markets and brands, it became exhausting to keep up with publishing new content that looked fresh and performed seamlessly on every device. And BMC knew the cost of turning customers off with repetitive content, clunky images and unresponsive designs.

With 100,000+ images and PDF files in constant need of manual resizing and upload, new workflows were needed to continuously serve up fresh content that is up-to-date and accurate.

Key challenges:

  • Needed a scalable, agile system to manage and distribute content efficiently

  • Ability to confidently publish engaging content for every device

  • Solid processes needed to scale with company growth


Amplience gave BMC a rock-solid platform to store all images and PDFs, integrating seamlessly with their existing eCommerce platform, SAP® Commerce Cloud with the minimum of fuss. With every asset easily searchable and ready to publish in stunning detail, manual image iterations were a thing of the past.

All digital content such as editorial, product, image, videos, PDF files, and delivery photos were stored into one single repository – saving teams hours of tedious processes that pulled them away from their top priorities. Fueling greater efficiency, collaboration and creativity

How Amplience Made the Difference

Productivity, satisfication and processes all significantly improved. Media search and discovery costs were lowered, as were collaboration costs – thanks to new shared folders, streamlined workflows and automation.Re-using media assets was paying off too, as files were now easy to find and deploy. And Amplience went a step further to save BMC more time by creating a custom solution: suppliers could now drop materials off for delivery and take a photo to prove the delivery was made. Amplience lets BMC to configure the images correctly and store them in its database.BMC is now on track to achieve its goal. Teams now have the platform to keep them at their creative and efficient best. With a single repository for all 25 million+ media assets, teams have the tools and workflows to create world-class content consistently. And that’s exactly what its customers want.
Amplience has enabled us to improve productivity and get more creative to deliver fresh content and accurate images.

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