January 3, 2023 | 5 Min

How Does Salesforce Composable Storefront and Amplience Help Merchandisers?

Beth Norton


Beth Norton

  • Ecommerce

From a lack of ability to be reactive to last-minute market and business changes to complex asset management and dependencies on developers for creative templates, there are many challenges that a merchandiser faces when using a legacy content management system. Creating a consistent, personalized brand experience is the key to customer engagement – and in order to deliver, merchandisers need the autonomy and agility to execute end-to-end and respond to the needs of the customer, without development bottlenecks.

Salesforce Composable Storefront with Amplience puts control back in the hands of the merchandiser, giving them the freedom to easily create and manage product content, merchandise category pages and control product-led site navigation. By creating rich ecommerce storefronts, merchandisers can meet the increasingly sophisticated expectations of their customers and ultimately – increase commercial success.

What are the key benefits of using Composable Storefront with Amplience for merchandisers?  

  1. Work in content, not code 

Say goodbye to HTML and CSS! With Amplience, merchandisers can easily create, arrange and preview content without developer input. Rich, connected digital experiences are created using readily available templates and content types, eliminating the need for custom code.

  1. Find media faster 

Amplience’s built-in DAM indexes digital assets, making it easy to find and assign product and promotional media to content without needing to know the image path. Assets are searchable, cutting down time for merchandisers to make changes to the storefront experience.

  1. Build content and commerce pages

By integrating with Salesforce Commerce Cloud Storefront Catalog, merchandising teams can easily manage site navigation and build content and commerce pages such as product landing pages, category landing pages, help pages, the homepage and the blog.

  1. Schedule more than slots 

All content, not just targeted content, can be scheduled using Amplience. Merchandisers can schedule content changes such as logos, blog posts and updates to the navigation.

  1. Personalize experiences 

Using Salesforce Commerce Cloud Customer Groups, merchandisers can build personalized experiences across all site pages, tailoring promotions, prices and sorting rules to different customer segments. This gives them the freedom to implement personalization at scale with minimal to no technical help.

  1. Preview in real-time

Amplience gives merchandisers the ability to visualize the end-to-end experience in real-time before it’s live – on any device, channel, or for any of the customer segments with the storefront toolkit.

Amplience powers performance and productivity for digital merchandisers 

By eliminating development bottlenecks, Amplience increases agility and efficiency in merchandising teams, giving them the freedom to quickly respond to customer and market demands and create rich, personalized shopping experiences that boost performance and drive conversions.