December 16, 2022 | 5 Min

How Does Salesforce Composable Storefront and Amplience Help Marketers?

Beth Norton


Beth Norton

  • Ecommerce

Today, customers land on your website from a variety of different digital channels, and in a highly competitive ecommerce market, creating a rich and engaging customer experience is the key to conversion and customer loyalty.

Fast page-loading speed, content-rich storefronts and easy navigation are just some of the criteria that encourage customer engagement. Yet with legacy content management systems, marketers can find it difficult to provide that dynamic digital experience that users are looking for, and often have to rely on developers for minor site changes and updates, with campaign launches and multi-language content publication requiring lots of technical support and long lead times.

However, with Salesforce Composable Storefront and Amplience, marketers gain the freedom to manage digital experiences themselves, with a set of capabilities that enables them to update and publish content and assets without the need for custom code and development support.

How does Amplience help marketers to deliver experiences? 

Building an omnichannel digital experience requires development support, specialized software for various platforms, and multi-stakeholder content approvals. Marketers are therefore often unable to be reactive to market or business demands, or to have autonomy to execute campaigns end-to-end.

However, with Amplience, all of your digital assets are stored in Content Hub, can be optimized and personalized in Dynamic Media, and then uploaded to Dynamic Content to create and manage the customer experience across all touchpoints. By using Amplience, marketers gain the freedom to schedule and publish content using slots and editions, to visualize experiences in real-time, and to localize content for different languages and locales – all while using workflow to give key stakeholders visibility for the review process.

Using Amplience cuts production time and allows marketers to create connected, compelling customer experiences that boost site performance, and ultimately increase conversions.

What are the key benefits of using Composable Storefront with Amplience for marketers?

  1. Create and manage all web content

Amplience gives marketers the tools to plan, create and publish content across all web pages – not just product pages. Using the different content types, marketers can easily create and publish new landing pages, blog posts and brand pages, reusing content models to work faster and more efficiently.

  1. Get real-time previews

When new content is added to the content slots, it can be previewed in real-time, allowing marketers to visualize the experience they’re creating for their customers.

  1. Efficient publishing and scheduling 

Scheduling and publishing content and campaigns is quick and easy using slots and editions, enabling marketers to be more reactive to market and business demands.

  1. Manage and optimize site navigation and user experience

Using hierarchies, Amplience gives marketing teams the freedom to update and manage the site navigation, improving the user experience.

  1. Localize and personalize content 

Marketers can localize content for different languages and locales, ensuring personalization and relevancy between regions, and ultimately establishing brand trust and authority in different markets.

  1. Streamline digital asset management 

Amplience provides the tools to easily store, optimize and upload large volumes of digital assets. Upload and store assets in Content Hub (DAM) to use in Dynamic Content (CMS).

With Dynamic Media, marketers are able to easily create multiple variants from a single master asset, auto crop and scale for mobile and create shoppable media that enables content to covert.

Amplience powers performance and productivity for digital marketers

By eliminating some of the common challenges that marketers face with legacy content management systems, Amplience empowers marketing teams to take back control and create rich, personalized shopping experiences that drive site performance, customer engagement and conversions.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Salesforce Composable Storefront with Amplience for business users? Watch our webinar with Alison Williams, Director of Solution Engineering.