Introducing Amplience Starter Edition

Ali Hanyaloglu
August 16, 2023
3 mins

We’re welcoming a new member to the Amplience family: Amplience Starter Edition – which offers many of the same capabilities from our award-winning, experience-driving, business-impacting platform for content management, asset management and content delivery but at a much lower cost-of-entry.

It’s ideal for growing small-to-midsize businesses who want to quickly see the benefits of composable approaches to content and asset management, while helping them prepare for the scale they’ll need to reach the next level. It’s equally suited to  teams who have a specific project or use case in mind that would benefit from a headless content management system with asset management and content delivery capabilities.

Right Sizing Your Investment

There are times when you need a full set of tools to get a job done: for example, a car mechanic wouldn’t be able to get much done if they showed up to work with just a wrench (that’s a spanner for all of you on the right-hand side of the Atlantic). On the other hand, there are times when all you need is a specific set of tools to achieve  a specific goal: for example, why bolt an attachment to the front of a 4x4 truck to mow your lawn  when all you really need is a mower and trimmer?  It’s all about the right investment for the right job.

The same is true for creating, managing, and publishing content and assets that fuel the experiences you provide your customers. Amplience Starter Edition provides a practical set of functionalities and APIs from our full platform – including content modeling and authoring, image asset management, and content delivery – but at a price point that makes sense when your needs right now don’t justify a big investment.

When You Have a Specific Project in Mind

Let’s say you’re a fast-growing midsize business with a few hundred products, but you’re not quite ready to make the leap into a full re-platforming project just yet. That shouldn’t stop you from moving to a composable approach. Nor should it stop you from taking a gradual approach to replacing key business components and functionality that might currently be locked into a monolithic platform. Rethinking how you work with your content and assets that drive the shopping experiences you deliver is a wise step to take. Why is that?

One of the many benefits of a headless CMS with DAM and CDN built for commerce is that no matter the commerce platforms you use today, your content and assets will be structured, published and ready for front-end developers to leverage as they build and update those great, agile customer experiences . And at some time in the future when you’re ready to scale up to a new platform or embrace the latest channels and devices, your content and assets will be ready too. The days of having to scramble to make existing backend technology, or an outdated, page-based CMS work with the latest devices and channels are gone.

If this sounds like your business situation, then Amplience Starter Edition is an ideal way to make sure your shopping experiences meet the expectations of your customers today and tomorrow.

There are also other scenarios where a full re-platforming can wait until you start to see some valuable return from smaller and faster initiatives. For example, a proof of concept for a particular digital project you have where content is key. Or maybe a specific use case for content and images from the marketing team, such as a new mobile app experience your developers are working on, or editorial content to highlight your brand values and initiatives.

These use cases typically have a lower number of content requests than a full digital commerce experience , yet they all benefit from structured content and reliably fast time-to-market asset delivery, without relying on development time. That’s where Amplience Starter Editions steps up.

Interested? Let’s Chat Some More

If this sounds like something your business needs,  we’d love to help you find the right option for where you’re at now. If you haven’t already, check out the comparison of what you get with Amplience Starter Edition versus our full platform Enterprise Edition and examples of how you can benefit. If you prefer, you can also try out Amplience’s full platform for 60 days with our Free Trial.

Otherwise, contact our team who can work with you to identify which Edition makes the most sense for your business, team, or project, and get you on the path to success with the experiences you deliver.

Because no shopping experience should be a bad one, no matter how big or small.