Introducing Accelerated Media - Deliver Media Faster Without Sacrificing Quality

Bec Taylor
August 16, 2023
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At Amplience, we know that fast-loading digital experiences are crucial to business success. We are always looking for ways to help our customers optimize every digital touchpoint they have with their own customers. To support this, we have developed Accelerated Media, a fast route for retailers to increase their competitive edge with faster storefront performance.

What is Accelerated Media?

Accelerated Media allows customers to take advantage of the latest media codecs including AVIF for images and VP9 and H265 for video files. These cutting-edge codecs offer greater optimization than their predecessors with no perceptual loss of quality. Brands can maintain (or even improve) the quality of media, and deliver it faster with lighter page weights.

To help scale adoption of new codecs, Amplience customers can use our Smart Images service which automatically optimizes media on the fly, rendering any image variant from a single master file to provide the optimal file type for the output. All without having to manually create multiple versions of images, or having to build complicated responsive image tags that target each device. For videos, customers can use Video Transcoding Profiles to automatically select the most appropriate video profile for a particular device.

Unlike competitors, Amplience allows real-time processing. We intentionally set guardrails on the image pixel density and balance filesize and speed to automatically select the highest-performing image type without compromising on perceptual quality or page load time.

Gains to expect

Customers can expect a 50% reduction in file size using AVIF files through Accelerated Media vs JPEG, and 20% reduction for AVIF vs WebP. For video files, customers can expect a 40% reduction in file size using VP9 and H265, for the same quality compared to previously supported formats.

Everybody wants fast-loading experiences because it leads to key benefits:

  • Improved SEO – Search engines prioritize user experience, favoring faster-loading sites.

  • Increased Organic Traffic – Fast websites receive higher rankings, increasing visibility and organic traffic.

  • Higher Conversions – Consumers won’t settle for inferior digital experiences. Fast-loading sites receive lower bounce rates and more transactions.

Take advantage of Accelerated Media today

Accelerated Media is available as an add-on module for customers. Contact your Account Manager to purchase the add-on and have it enabled on your account.

Once you have Accelerated Media provisioned, for customers already using Smart Images, the benefits will take effect immediately. For those who are not yet using Smart Images, your frontend developer will need to make a small change to your query string parameter. For videos, your frontend developer will need to update your html video tag. New videos uploaded will be transcoded automatically with new profiles and previously uploaded formats will need to be reprocessed.

Contact Amplience today to learn more about how Accelerated Media can improve your page load and site performance.