How Sweaty Betty has transformed their digital content

Amy Thomason
September 28, 2020
3 mins

Digital content and eCommerce have undoubtedly transformed over the past few years. It wasn’t that long ago that customers’ shopping habits revolved majorly around brick and mortar stores, detached from other touchpoints. Then came eCommerce, the rise of mobile, omnichannel experiences, and more.

In-house content and commerce teams have grown in parallel. Business survival has depended on it. But all too often they’ve been playing catch up with the changing landscape, continually having to evolve their content strategies and enhance their digital offering, all the while hamstrung by legacy systems and processes.

So, how have some of the biggest brands overcome these issues? We look to international activewear company Sweaty Betty to see how they’ve done it.

Sweaty Betty’s approach

Shake up the activewear market and empower women – that's what Sweaty Betty has been continuing to do for over 20 years. But customer loyalty and international brand recognition don’t just come from selling good quality leggings.

Sweaty Betty continue to innovate. Not just in the fabrics they use or the fit of their clothes, but also in their approach to customer experience, digital design and content.

By partnering with Sweaty Betty, we have helped them go from designing content and eCommerce experiences on desktop as a priority back in 2012, to a mobile-first world only a few years later. As customers’ browsing habits changed, product experiences and site performance needed to change with it.

Content and commerce challenges

Over the past few years, Sweaty Betty has expanded globally, more transactions have been occurring online, and there’s been a growing demand for content. As a result, they’ve recognized their customer experience needs to be seamless, no matter how customers shop.

But with this surge in content consumption, Sweaty Betty’s content team were put under immense strain. Everything was hard coded, development resource was stretched, and there were limits on what they could achieve online.

Key content challenges:

  • Every content update was a laborious, manual task with the same updates having to be made across multiple areas of the site.

  • Landing and content pages took far too much developer time and could take weeks to turn around.

  • Coding processes were very messy and open to human error, with simple errors breaking entire templates.

  • Minimal development resource was available to actually optimize the site.

The path forward

Sweaty Betty knew they needed to do things differently. Their goal was to increase productivity and agility without hiring extra team members. They wanted to be able spend their time on content production, problem solving and improving customer experiences, not spending hours coding product pages, blogs and homepage changes.

So, Sweaty Betty turned to Amplience, and partners Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Tryzens, looking to create more seamless integration and efficiencies in their technology.

“We can be more reactional as a team and really action what the business needs us to do. We don’t have to wait for our front-end developers to build things in HTML anymore. We have so much more capabilities and less restrictions.” - Pippa Wingate, Sweaty Betty Content Coordinator

The results of the implementation:

  • Landing and content pages can be turned around in hours, with flexible content modules able to be moved around easily.

  • Content team members’ time freed up allowing more future planning.

  • Less coding, especially for content team members, reducing human error.

  • Content duplication and use across different channels.

  • Increased content automation.

To learn in more detail how Sweaty Betty overhauled and streamlined their content production, you can watch our webinar with the Sweaty Betty content team.

Transform your content

You can learn more about how Amplience integrates with other industry-leading technology solutions like Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Tryzens, on our Partners page. Or, if you like to discuss how you can transform your digital content and commerce, get in touch with us at Amplience.