Elastic Path
March 10, 2021
3 mins

The ever-growing consumer demands for easy, engaging digital experiences have forced brands to think of differentiated digital as more than just a channel, but a key pillar to any growth company’s strategy. But, the reality is, building truly differentiated, digital commerce is challenging. All-encompassing platforms like Shopify, Magento, and Salesforce seem like a safe bet at first, but lack the flexibility for brands to control their digital vision and truly build for their unique needs. On the other hand, MACH-based (microservices, APIs, cloud and headless) technologies present as an alternative for innovative commerce, but can seem out ofreach due to perceived complexity and therefore, high risk.

Many of the brands we work with find themselves feeling digitally-inspired but stuck with two sub-par options.   Neither of which will empower them to unlock new eCommerce revenue growth, outpace their competitors and, and keep up with customer needs.  Plus, the commerce project owner maker is left feeling like their personal and professional goals are nowhere in sight.

That was all true, until now.

Today, I am thrilled to share that Elastic Path has launched the Composable Commerce Hub which will provide a third option, one that eliminates compromise, for digitally-driven brands. Combined with our API-first Headless Commerce Platform, the Composable Commerce Hub provides all that brands need to build and deliver truly differentiated digital commerce experiences with confidence and control, unlocking the key to the Composable Commerce Movement.

The Composable Commerce Hub provides the industry's first and only open exchange of business solutions powered by leading Headless Commerce providers. This hub makes DIY Headless accessible for all, whether a brand wants to use a Pre-Composed Solution to get up and running quickly and customize on demand, or custom compose their unique solution from Accelerators and the Elastic Path commerce capabilities to meet unique commerce requirements easier and faster.

For brands who are focused on getting live ASAP and leveraging the flexibility of headless down the road, Pre-Composed Solutions make it easy to launch a complete, commerce solution in weeks and supercharge revenue.  These business-ready solutions are pre-composed from Elastic Path commerce capabilities, 3rd party integrations, and customizations that brands can use to quickly deploy a commerce solution; at with greater flexibility and less risk.

An example of a Pre-Composed Solution is MyPlanet’s pre-composed Omnichannel Commerce Solution built for Elastic Path supports retailers who want to implement true omnichannel experiences, but takes the stress out of vendor selection and integrations as it’s all already sorted – and of course it features a direct integration to Amplience.

On the other hand, for brands who are eager to custom compose their own unique commerce solution, Accelerators are a collection of assets that can be combined with core commerce functionality to make custom DIY-ing your own unique commerce experiences easier and faster. Accelerators include:

  • Partner Integrations empower brands to work within their existing ecosystem or expand their technology partner relationships to build best-of-breed solutions. Including integrations to CMS, Payment, Tax, & Personlization Solutions

  • Reference Applications serve as a guide for omnichannel experiences so brands can easily launch across specific touchpoints.

  • Pre-Built Extensions enable brands to quickly customize and extend the Composable Commerce Platform to meet their unique use cases.

The Composable Commerce Hub eliminates the risk associated with Headless Commerce, so that every brand can finally unlock the power and flexibility that comes along with it, regardless of their digital maturity or commerce experience. In turn, brands launch faster and innovate to meet their unique requirements so that they crush the competition, exceed customer expectations, and meet ambitious revenue goals.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about making Headless Commerce more accessible so that every brand can join the Composable Commerce movement. Visit the Composable Commerce Hub to explore and contribute today!