Video tutorials

In this section you'll find videos introducing the features of Dynamic Content for both business users and developers.

For more videos on particular topics, visit the Planning, Production, Integration and SFCC integration video pages.

Introducing Dynamic Content

This video explains the Amplience approach to creating and delivering content and provides an introduction to the concept of content types.

Planning concepts

In this video we introduce the key planning and scheduling concepts of events, editions and slots. If you're getting started with the planning features of Dynamic Content, start here and then watch the spring sale example video that walks you through each step of an example content project.

The Dynamic Content app

This introduces the Dynamic Content app and shows you around each section: production, planning and development.


The Spring sale event

This video walks you through an example content project that demonstrates the key planning, scheduling and delivery concepts of events, editions and slots. We’ll show you how to create events and editions, add slots and content and preview your content using the content time machine- so you can see exactly what it looks like on your website before it goes live.


Consuming content

Content is stored in and retrieved from Dynamic Content in JSON format. This video explains how to consume individual content items and slots in your website, app or other channel.

For more integration videos, including how to register content types, see the integration videos page.


The Content Library

In this video we explain how content is organised in the content library and how to rename and copy items. We also demonstrate how to search for and organise content in folders.

For more videos covering creating and publishing content and content revision history see the production videos page.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration

Business user flow

In this video we show how content added to slots and scheduled in Dynamic Content editions creates campaigns in Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC).

For more SFCC integration videos, including a technical overview see the Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration videos page.

Planning videos

Production videos

Integration videos

Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration videos

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