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Product Configurators: Insights from Brown Jordan International

The Amplience Dynamic Media solution renders colorizations, monograms and image substitutions (for fabric and texture visualizations), from a single master SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic), which can be enriched, tested and published using the Product Customization App.

In this webinar, we will demo the Product Customization feature, and show how you can create rich custom configurators that visualize complex product categories to drive higher engagement, conversion and average- order-values. We will be joined by Brown Jordan International, who will explain how they provide 1,200 configurable products that allow shoppers to more accurately visualize and personalize products.

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • Dynamic Product Colorization - The offering enables reference product images to be turned into SVG templates, which can then be rendered in any color and option variant, dynamically on-demand, through URL, parameterization.

  • Custom Configurators - The tool can be used to create unique product differentiation to deliver a more personalized purchase journey. Learn how Brown Jordan International experienced a 65% first year cost savings after implementing the Customer Configurators.

  • Detailed Demo - Our experienced solution team will demo the Product Customization feature and walk through the steps to create rich custom configurators that visualize complex product categories.


Rob Morris BJI
Rob Morris Director of Software Development, Brown Jordan International
Allison Walsh BJI
Allison Walsh Lead Graphic Designer, Brown Jordan International

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