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Produce Mobile Ready Hero Images with Amplience Dynamic Media

What you'll learn in this Webinar

According to the University of Cambridge Inclusive Design Toolkit ‘Pack shots fail to communicate critical information to shoppers, particularly on mobile devices. Mobile Ready Hero Images solve this problem by digitally representing the product and augmenting with off-pack communications. Mobile Ready Hero Images outperform pack shots in visual clarity tests and sales uplift A/B split tests.’

However, creating product images that conform to these standards requires complex and costly post-production work – resulting in static image files that do not work for responsive web design or apps. The Amplience Dynamic Media platform can generate images that conform to the guidelines dynamically – using advanced image compositing and text-to-image technology, to enable the automatic production of compliant product media.

Register now for the webinar, in which Ben Seymour and Ijaz Bhattee walk through live examples of Mobile Ready Hero Image production using the Amplience Dynamic Media solution.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create flexible Dynamic Media image templates that support the hero image standards
  • How Point-of-Interest meta-data enables auto-crop and zoom on hard-to-view pack-shots
  • Integrated image meta-data drives badge label automation.


iJaz Bhattee Director of Sales, Europe

Ijaz started his web development business in 1995, before joining Europe’s Leading eCommerce software business in 1997 as UK Technical Director, with this year marking his 20th year in Ecommerce.
As European Sales Director for Amplience, Ijaz helps retailers and brands drive higher Retail Engagement using their Content as a service platform. Ijaz enjoys engaging with customers to thoroughly understand business’ ecommerce challenges and work together to build real and sustainable solutions.

Ben Seymour Director, Solutions Consulting, Amplience

Website imagery and rich media has been at the heart of Ben's professional activities since 2007, working with many of the largest eCommerce teams and most prestigious global brands on their eCommerce site imagery implementations. Ben is the author of "Practical Responsive Images", published by Five Simple Steps.

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