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Dynamic Content Launch

Dynamic Content will officially launch at our Retail Engagement Summits - February 22nd in NYC, and March 6th in London.

CEO James Brooke, and CTO John Williams will show how Dynamic Content is poised to revolutionize the planning, production and management of content, enabling retailers to provide contextual shopping experiences, and deliver the storytelling necessary to meet today's retail engagement challenge.

What you’ll learn:

  • Storytelling: How our fully featured CMS facilitates the delivery of a new type of engagement
  • Planning: Pre-visualise content across the calendar and across devices with Dynamic Content
  • Engagement at Scale: How Dynamic Content provides for vastly increased variants and more personalized shopping experiences


James Brooke Founder & CEO, Amplience

James founded his first internet company in 1994, and since then has been at the forefront of interactive media and ecommerce, as an entrepreneur, and as a leader in the most innovative global agencies and consultancies. As CEO and co-founder of Amplience, the leading cloud based merchandising and marketing platform, James is committed to transforming the economics of interactive media production for retailers and brand owners.

John Williams
John Williams CTO, Amplience

John is responsible for Amplience’s research and development and has a track record of matching technical innovation with business strategy. John was previously CTO and Head of Technology at LBi, the global digital agency, and has an MBA from Imperial College.

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