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Witness ‘Dynamic Content’, our new fully featured CMS

Join us on February 7th as we walk through the second preview webinar for Dynamic Content, our new fully featured CMS.

Dynamic Content solves the planning, management, production and delivery of powerful retail storytelling at brand, category and product level.

Bringing content planning and creative teams together, Dynamic Content is set to revolutionize the delivery of rich, inspirational, and ultimately personalized shopping experiences, at scale.

James and the product team combine to drill into content slots, content editions and events…. In preparation for the big reveal at this year’s Retail Engagement Summits in NYC (Feb 22nd) and London (6th March).

Watch on-demand now.


James Brooke Founder & CEO, Amplience

James founded his first internet company in 1994, and since then has been at the forefront of interactive media and ecommerce, as an entrepreneur, and as a leader in the most innovative global agencies and consultancies. As CEO and co-founder of Amplience, the leading cloud based merchandising and marketing platform, James is committed to transforming the economics of interactive media production for retailers and brand owners.

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