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Introducing Dynamic Banners Webinar

September 20th 2016,
10am EDT | 3pm BST

This brand new addition to the Amplience Big Content Cloud allows merchandisers to create rich, dynamic, personalized banners on-demand.

In this webinar, we will show how Amplience’s Dynamic Banners can cut content production bottlenecks to generate more variants of a campaign without any additional resources. This tool easily transforms content to create more contextually relevant and personalized experiences, which will increase engagement and conversion.

Dynamic Banners

  • Learn how to parameterize elements of an SVG image so it can be dynamically changed within the URL.

Relevant, Contextual Images

  • The solution can be used to render any text, in any typeface, in any size, alongside background images and hero images with the overall banner to adapt content for a wide range of contexts.

Detailed Demo

  • Our experienced solution team will demo the Dynamic Banner solution and show you how to create rich contextual banner images.


James Brooke Founder & CEO, Amplience

James founded his first internet company in 1994, and since then has been at the forefront of interactive media and ecommerce, as an entrepreneur, and as a leader in the most innovative global agencies and consultancies. As CEO and co-founder of Amplience, the leading cloud based merchandising and marketing platform, James is committed to transforming the economics of interactive media production for retailers and brand owners.

Ben Seymour Director, Solutions Consulting, Amplience

Website imagery and rich media has been at the heart of Ben's professional activities since 2007, working with many of the largest eCommerce teams and most prestigious global brands on their eCommerce site imagery implementations. Ben is the author of "Practical Responsive Images", published by Five Simple Steps.

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