2022 Funding Announcement - TEST

2022 Funding Announcement - TEST

GMT Elements:

  • Core content about our vision, narrative and funding
  • A press release
  • An online ‘video event’
  • Promotion to the event to drive interest
    • Dedicated media
    • Updates to key touch points: blogs, social media, investors sites, etc.
  • Communications - to employees, customers, and partners

2022 Funding Announcement - TEST


  • The announcement of our new funding, which will drive thousands of visits to our site and social media touch points, serves as an important event to:

    • Share our vision and updated narrative more broadly

    • Communicate momentum and leadership in the category - to help with current and future deals and partnerships

    • Create excitement for Amplience as an employer and partner

  • To this end, we will create a go-to-market program and online event to maximize this impact. This GTM will be executed by Y January and include the items listed under the GTM plan.

Funding & Vision Announcement Goals:

  • To reach the widest audiences possible across customers, prospective buyers, industry influencers, investors, partners and potential employees

GTM Plan:

The GTM will include the following elements and need to be ready to ‘launch’ on January 27 at 11:00 am ET/4:00 pm GMT. All public communications will be held until this day

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2022 Funding Announcement