Maximum Control. Maximum Choice.

Give Them the Power to Configure Your Products and Unlock Richly Differentiated Experiences.

Don’t be cloned. Eliminate returns. Create loyal customers. Build brand equity. Take personalization to the next level. That’s the promise of customized and personalized products. And it sounds great. But it’s complex, right? Those agencies you’ve dealt with before have sold you the earth; then been unable to content manage the outcome. You’ve suffered expensive updates or a slowly declining app that no longer sells.

Imagine the possibilities if you could build a solution that uses content management capabilities with SVG formats. One that enables rich and compelling configuration experiences. And guides customers through the personalized product experience they’ve been waiting for. One that puts you, and your customers, in full control.

Rich product configuration experiences that you can build, manage and maintain from the same place

Great for Content

  • Content manage all key elements of the solution
  • Create monogrammed products
  • Colorize and mix on demand
  • Merchandize previously un-shot product
  • Create and manage rich configuration experiences

Great for Developers

  • Accelerate implementation with viewer SDKs
  • Model and maintain extended product attributes
  • Utilize the full range of SVG functionality
  • Review and manage variants with the SVG app
  • Automate bill of materials creation for factory integration

More Choice. More Conversion.

Every Conceivable Variant. None of the Cost. This Is the Power of Configurator.

Voice of Customer feedback clearly shows that incomplete, inconsistent or erroneous product media is a significant barrier to online conversion. But for brands with extensive product ranges that feature many color and option variants, the cost of bringing samples into the studio to shoot every possible variant is prohibitive.

By using the content management capabilities of Dynamic Content alongside Dynamic Media’s SVG formatting, Configurator enables reference product images to be turned into SVG templates, which can then be dynamically rendered on demand in any color and option variant through URL parameterization. Product page media viewers can now visualize more color and option variants than ever before. Meaning shoppers can see every possible color and option combination.

Product personalization, in the form of monogramming or the application of custom text fields, is increasingly used by brands to seek differentiation from discount retailers and the ever-ubiquitous Amazon. This strategy is most effective when the end result can be visualized in a photo-realistic way. Delivering higher engagement, conversion, and customer satisfaction.

Configurator can also be used to dynamically render any text, in any typeface, on demand, onto a product image. A wide variety of SVG text effects available like engrave and emboss, ensure that the end result is as photo-realistic as possible. The creation of richly differentiated product experiences can be made a reality.

Lifestyle product categories like furniture, homeware and apparel, come into their own when customers can interact with and configure visualizations. The ability to choose product options like color, fabric, patterns and features are a critical step in the purchase journey. Sophisticated configurators can drive engagement, conversion and average order value. And provide a unique functionality for product personalization.

Configurator supports the complete design and build workflow from initial SVG template development through to deployment into the Amplience Dynamic Media service. Once published, the SVG templates take full advantage of the dynamic image transcoding and caching services built into Amplience Dynamic Media to deliver lightning fast image rendering at 99.99% availability.