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Social & User
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No content is as authentic and engaging as what your customers say about you. Bring those stories into your experiences with Amplience's Social & User Generated Content (UGC) tools.

Amplience Social & UGC simplifies the curation and use of user generated and social media content across ecommerce home and landing pages, grid pages, and product detail pages.

Key Benefits


Take advantage of social proof with compelling customer images


Reduce content production costs by using user generated images


Increase social media campaign productivity and ROI


Automate the publication of approved media to product detail pages

The UGC solution forms part of the overall Amplience offering, rather than acting as a standalone feature. This means that users have all the benefits that Amplience Dynamic Content, Content Hub, and Dynamic Media provide, as well as bringing the curation and publication of social content into one simple workflow.

Businesses can automate the placement of social content in product and landing pages and combine this content with pre-integrated commerce feeds to create the perfect blend of branded and user-generated content.


The Amplience UGC viewers are completely customizable. The viewer Software Development Kit (SDK) enables retailers to display social content in custom layouts across any page type. This SDK is built to be mobile-first, enabling content teams to quickly build responsive designs and media viewers, ensuring flexibility and extensibility.

Amplience allows users to extend and scale social content across different international locations. Images can be enriched with localization information to create localized shoppable content. Businesses can then be confident that they are building experiences that are truly relevant for any visitor.


Amplience User Generated Content also draws on Amplience’s event-based analytics to provide users with a view on every customer engagement with content throughout the journey. As part of the Amplience platform, it also delivers best-in-class 99.99% content delivery SLAs and is supported by a dedicated Customer Success team.

Amplience’s UGC tools give brand marketers, merchandisers, and content professionals the ability to integrate high value customer images into their customer experience strategy – all from a single platform. Fresh, exciting experiences can be built in real time, and optimized to drive conversions for your customers.




Social & UGC Solution Sheet (PDF)

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