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Retailing in the age of the customer

Insights from the London Retail Engagement Summit

The annual Amplience Retail Engagement Summit once again proved an enormous success.

We are delighted to have been joined by top global retailers, technology vendors and partner in both London & New York. We are proud to have leading experts discussing the burning issues in retail at our London Retail Engagement Summit.

The day began with a keynote from our CEO James Brooke, who addressed the challenge of shopper engagement faced by today’s retailers. James highlighted one of the biggest pain points for retailers – the shopper experience on mobile.

Dynamic Content is now king

Today’s consumers are mobile, connected and enjoy unlimited choice. The shopper journey has radically changed. Delivering rich, targeted, contextual shopping experiences is now crucial for retailers who want to succeed in a mobile-first world.

CEO James Brooke, unveiled Dynamic Content, the next iteration of our CMS designed specifically for retailers and brands.

"All of our solutions are rooted in understanding the fundamental challenges facing our customers. Dynamic Content is designed for retailers who understand the persuasive power of content, but who are frustrated by the barriers in delivering that content to customers.".

The product team provided a live demonstration, and showed how Dynamic Content empowers content planners and creative teams to deliver timely and engaging shopping experiences, at scale.

Content throughout the ages

Neil Gibb, Consultant, Social Activist and Author of The Participation Revolution, then took the stage to expand on the importance of storytelling in retail. He told his own story of how humans have used language and technology to communicate meaning and purpose throughout the ages. He also explained how modern customers have evolved from passive consumers into active participants in the market, and how today’s trail-blazing brands are those that encourage and stoke this spirit of participation.

As ever, context remains as important as content when communicating your message and encouraging customer participation in your brand. Creating content that truly immerses customers in your brand is now crucial. Retailers should strive to become active within the lives of their customers in order to deepen engagement.

This principle is embedded in the Amplience Retail Engagement platform, which allows brands and retailers to deliver rich, persuasive and engaging content.

The Age of The Customer

Ryan Skinner, Senior Analyst, B2C Content Marketing for Forrester, addressed the business case for investing in content and the customer experience. In the era Forrester refers to as ‘The Age of The Customer’, Ryan argued that frequency, convenience and delivering positive emotional experiences are a winning combination in trying to capture the hearts of consumers.

He advised attendees to focus obsessively on their customers and centre their business strategies around improving the shopping experience. If retailers can gain a better understanding of the customer and put more of their story into their own messaging, they will benefit from greater advocacy, enrichment and ultimately increased revenue.

Introducing Amplience Diagnostics and Content Audits

The last session was a vehicle to launch Amplience's consulting offerings. Clair Carter-Ginn, Partner at Forecast Agency, explained why the current retail content production process is broken. Focusing on her own experiences in Creative Operations, Clair described content production processes characterized by non-value-added tasks that cause delays and inhibit scalability.

An Amplience Diagnostic is the first step in regaining control over content production. Amplience Diagnostics help retailers understand their current content production system - people, processes, tools and techologies - and gain insights into the root causes of productivity and long content production SLAs.

Amplience Director of Consulting, Chris Haines, then took us on a journey around content through the eyes of the shopper. He explained that Amplience now boast the capability to serve retailers with independant and objective analysis on how their content performs. Amplience Content Audits analyze a retailers content at product category level and are carried out across the mobile, desktop and app experiences. Content Audits typically include scores from competing retailers in order to facilitate comparison at product category level.

Following an enlightening Q&A with the Summit’s keynote speakers, hosted by our co-founder and GM North America, Rory Dennis, The Retail Engagement Summit wrapped up with a drinks reception (sponsored by SAP Hybris) where attendees and presenters enjoyed topical discussion, networking and plenty of food!

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