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The Amplience Dynamic Media service renders colorizations, monograms and image substitutions, from a single master SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) image, which can be enriched, tested and published using the Product Customization App.


Dynamic Colorization


Dynamic Monogramming

Amplience Product Customization is a complete solution for single and multi-brand retailers seeking to reduce digital production costs and to improve the quality of the online shopping experience. It provides a complete set of media for all product and feature variants, as well as delivering visualizations for product personalization and customization options.

Dynamic Product Colorization

User research clearly shows that incomplete, inconsistent or erroneous product media is a significant barrier to online conversion. However, for brands with extensive product ranges that feature many color and option variants, the cost of bringing samples into the studio to shoot every possible variant is prohibitive.


The Product Customization solution enables reference product images to be turned into SVG templates, which can then be dynamically rendered on-demand in any color and option variant, through URL parameterization. This ensures that product page media viewers can visualize many more color and option variants than ever before, allowing shoppers to see every possible color and option combination.

Product Monogramming and Personalization

Product personalization, in the form of monogramming or the application of custom text fields, is increasingly used by brands to seek differentiation from discount retailers and the ever-ubiquitous Amazon. This strategy is most effective when the end-result can be visualized in a photo-realistic way - delivering higher engagement, conversion, and customer satisfaction.


The Product Customization solution can be used to dynamically render any text, in any typeface, on-demand, onto a product image. With a wide variety of SVG text effects available such as 'engrave' and 'emboss', to ensure that the end-result is as photo-realistic as possible, the creation of richly differentiated product experiences can be made a reality.

Custom Configurators

In lifestyle product categories like furniture, homewares and apparel, the ability for customers to interact with and configure visualizations that contain multiple products and product options like color, fabric, patterns and feature is a critical step in the purchase journey. Sophisticated configurators can drive engagement, conversion and average-order-value, while providing unique functionality for product personalization.


A Complete Solution

The Product Customization solution supports the complete design and build workflow from initial SVG template development, through to deployment into the Amplience Dynamic Media service. Once published, the SVG templates take full advantage of the dynamic image transcoding and caching services built into Amplience Dynamic Media, to deliver lightning fast image rendering at 99.99% availability.


Key Benefits


Deliver a complete set of product images for all color and feature variants to drive product-page conversion uplift and reduce production costs


Create unique product differentiation with personalized products that Amazon and discount brands cannot match


Simplify colorization and monograming template development to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Create rich custom configurators that visualize complex product categories to drive engagement, conversion and average- order-values.

Unique SVG Template Development App

The Product Customization App runs within the Amplience Content Hub. The App supports the development, test and visualization of the SVG templates, and provides a comprehensive workflow with user task assignment and SVG approval status:


The App features SVG template preview where all potential parameterizations can be tested.


Contact sheets can be generated that show the output of each SVG template – the SVG can then be Rejected or Approved

Return on Investment (ROI)

The ROI for Product Customization is dependent on the number of individual combinations of all product variants required for a particular visualization.

In the room set configurator example featured in this solution sheet, there are nine colors available for each option of sofa, contrast cushions, and highlight cushions, making a total of 729 color combinations (9 x 9 x 9). By building the source SVG assets with appropriate colorization filters, it is possible to use a single source image to generate the complete set of all possible color combinations. And with room-set photography costing upwards of $1,000 per shot, there is huge potential for savings, and the possibility to drive conversion by visualizing all possible variants.




Product Customization Data Sheet

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