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Tumi expand ecommerce to Europe

April 1st, 2015

Tumi, the global leader in travel bags and accessories, has expanded its ecommerce capability to Europe. Going live in the UK, Germany, and Austria, Tumi has created localized versions of its stores that make use of the same brand content, while updating it for each local market. Tumi are using Amplience’s Localization solution to easily create multiple versions of content with the language and style tailored to individual markets. This approach ensures that, going forward, Tumi will be able to easily maintain a consistent look and feel across all of its global identities.

Tumi has also been able to add shoppable capability to its rich images, creating interactive banners that connect content and commerce. Shoppers will be able to add products to the basket directly from this interactive content, meaning that Tumi will be able to easily deliver a great customer journey in all markets. Check out the site here:

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