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Timbuk2 Selects Amplience to Power Online Content Strategy and Capitalize on Social Content

March 15th, 2018

Amplience, the platform for Retail Engagement, today announced that Timbuk2, a provider of messenger bags, backpacks and related accessories, is using the company’s User Generated Content (UGC) solution to incorporate social media content into its ecommerce site, and manage its visual imagery and dynamic media needs. Amplience’s technology enables Timbuk2 to feature social imagery at the product detail page level, providing online shoppers with inspiring, real-world examples of its merchandise in action.

Timbuk2 is known for its iconic messenger bags, which have inspired a legion of loyal followers nationwide. The company wanted a way to showcase how these brand enthusiasts utilize its bags and other products, and infuse its online channel with engaging imagery leading up to this past years’ holiday shopping season.

Amplience’s UGC solution simplifies the curation and use of social media content across ecommerce pages, allowing brands to make compelling customer images part of their product marketing strategy. In addition, incorporating user generated content enables companies to reduce content production costs and increase the ROI of social media campaigns. Amplience’s Dynamic Media solution enables Timbuk2 to dynamically render any image variant – user generated or from a content library -- on demand from a single master asset, and ensure the content is adaptive and responsive across all channels and devices.

Amplience’s technology also enables retailers to reap these and other benefits incredibly quickly, which was particularly attractive to Timbuk2. The company’s UGC was live on the site in a matter of weeks following the implementation, allowing Timbuk2 to draw on this content for its holiday marketing efforts.

“Social media is revolutionizing how companies operate across industries, and retail is no exception,” said James Brooke, CEO and Founder, Amplience. “User generated social content is a treasure trove for retailers, enabling them to reduce traditional content production costs, engage with existing and potential customers and drive sales. To do this, however, brands need the ability to seamlessly integrate this imagery into their ecommerce infrastructure, which is where Amplience comes in. Our Dynamic Media solutions make it easy for users to deliver rich, engaging product and promotional media across all channels. Timbuk2’s UGC initiative is notable for how quickly it was deployed, and we look forward to helping them do more with social content in the coming months.”

“Timbuk2’s products are distinguished by how much our customers rely on them every day,” said Javier Salazar, Business Analyst at Timbuk2. “We partnered with Amplience because we wanted to showcase the relationship between our customers and our bags, and make user generated content a focal point of our ecommerce presence. We were impressed by how quickly the solution enabled us to do exactly that and meet our aggressive go-live timeline.”

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