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Hanover Direct Chooses Amplience for Omnichannel Asset Management

January 25th, 2016

NEW YORK, NY Jan 25, 2016 - Amplience, the market leader in mobile-first content production solutions for retailers, today announced that Hanover Direct has chosen Amplience Dynamic Media to manage its product media production.

Hanover Direct chose Amplience for its broad offerings and cohesive “content for commerce” approach, which eliminates the need to employ multiple expensive vendors to address varying content needs. The Amplience Big Content Cloud is a comprehensive platform that enables seamless consolidation of digital content features. This appealed to Hanover Direct, as did the company’s focus on providing superior customer support to guarantee success in the catalog to digital transformation.

“Hanover Direct’s approach, both in product creation and customer service, is rooted in tradition and quality,” said Rachel Signor, VP of Information Systems, Hanover Direct. “As such, it was vital that our digital presence complemented that central pillar of our business model. Amplience’s extensive experience managing digital assets for leading brands makes the company ideally suited to translate the old-fashioned quality that Hanover Direct is proud of to our ecommerce presence.”

“In today’s retail world, consumer perceptions of a brand are largely influenced by that brand’s online presence,” said Rory Dennis, founder and GM of North America, Amplience. “Without high-performing images and asset management, even well-made products will not be effectively represented or promoted. Amplience is proud to work with brands like Hanover Direct to improve online asset management and overall ecommerce presence. We look forward to helping the company showcase its products in a manner that accurately reflects its long-standing quality.”

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