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Hibbett Sports

Amplience Helps Hibbett Sports Solve the Retail Engagement Challenge

October 17th, 2017

Amplience, the platform for Retail Engagement, today announced that it is powering digital content management and delivery for Hibbett Sports. The company, a national retailer of athletic footwear, equipment and apparel, is using Amplience’s entire suite of solutions to optimize its use of imagery for all aspects of the customer experience across traditional and mobile computing devices.

In its search for a Dynamic Media and Content Production partner, Hibbett Sports sought an agile platform that could easily meet the needs of “mobile first” production. The Amplience platform was distinguished from the competition by its comprehensive content production and delivery capabilities, and its ability to facilitate rapid publication of imagery across desktop and mobile screen sizes.

Utilizing Amplience’s Content Hub, Hibbett Sports has unified its editorial and product content, images and other document assets into a single library. This engenders a more efficient and collaborative production process while simultaneously delivering a richer, more engaging customer experience.

Amplience’s Dynamic Media solution enables Hibbett Sports to dynamically render any image variant on demand from a single master asset, and ensure the content is adaptive and responsive across all channels and devices. In addition, the technology automates product spin-sets and simplifies the creation of image roundels. These capabilities enable Hibbett Sports to showcase the unique elements of its sports footwear, jerseys and apparel without investing significant resources in image development or management.

“Agility in publishing content was a critical requirement for Hibbett Sports, and one of the reasons Amplience stood out from other providers,” said Kris Mack, Director, Web Operations at Hibbett Sports. “Our imagery and other content is an essential part of our ecommerce strategy, and optimizing this collateral efficiently across all platforms is imperative. Amplience helps us achieve this goal and, in so doing, provide a high-quality experience for our online shoppers.”

“Content is the key to eCommerce success, but utilizing it effectively is not without its challenges,” said James Brooke, CEO and Founder, Amplience. “Amplience is committed to helping brands overcome these obstacles and make the most of their digital assets. We’re delighted to help Hibbett Sports in this endeavor and work closely with them to realize the benefits of the Amplience platform.”

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