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Amplience Adds Revolutionary Content Authoring to its Big Content Cloud

May 11th, 2016

Amplience, the leading Content-as-a-Service platform for retailers across Europe and North America, today launched Content Authoring, a new solution on the Big Content Cloud that transforms commerce content production and delivery.

The solution cuts digital content production time for rich editorial, blog, look-books and shoppable media by up to 90% and enables content teams to ‘Create Once and Publish Everywhere’ (COPE), driving rich engaging experiences that work responsively across any device and screen type.

The Amplience Content Authoring solution integrates with all leading ecommerce systems and helps retailers:

James Brooke, CEO at Amplience, said: “This release of the Amplience Content Authoring solution is a key milestone in the development of the Amplience Big Content Cloud, a platform that transforms retailers’ ability to build richly engaging shopping experiences that drive sales and brand marketing metrics, simultaneously.”

“It streamlines content production by freeing workflows from device and channel specific constraints. In so doing it gives retailers content agility, quality and reach. By optimizing for these three drivers of performance, ecommerce and marketing teams can drive tangible improvements to the experience that result in increased sales in every channel.”

Device and channel neutral

The Amplience Content Authoring solution allows business users to create and manage structured content in a device and channel neutral format. Highly flexible, the solution allows users to create and publish:

Once created, the content is published to the Amplience APIs and CDNs. This ensures content can be instantly rendered and re-rendered across carousel, look book, video, content grid, blog/article page and content panel assets, while custom rendering kits, to cater for specialist content types and behaviors, can be created quickly and easily.

The solution also makes it easy to deliver structured content into core ecommerce platforms using the RESTful Amplience Content Delivery API. Content is automatically processed by a Template Engine (Handlebars is provided as standard) to produce a responsive and ready-to-render HTML version.

Amplience Content Authoring is already being used extensively by brands including Saks Fifth Avenue, Cambridge Satchel Company, Liberty, Brown Thomas and Wehkamp.

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