Monday, May 16th - Wednesday, June 1st

Choose Amplience for MACHathon Accelerate 2022

Why Work With Amplience?

Because you want to win? But also because of these reasons…

An early member of the MACH Alliance, Amplience is a commerce experience platform built for scale, making digital asset management, media optimization, content management and more a whole lot quicker and easier.

Get access to a truly MACH platform: we’ll give you and your team a full Amplience account to use for your MACH project, with access to all the tools and features you need

Lean on us with dedicated support: our team will be on the MACHathon Slack channel, ready to answer any questions you have (or you can book a drop-in session for 1:1 support)

Don’t pay a penny: using Amplience for MACHathon is totally free! We don’t want your money – just do your thing and create something awesome

Get a head start on the competition: use our GitHub Demo Store – an open-source functional site with a sample commerce catalog and code that’s yours to play with

Need More Info?

Check Out These Handy Resources: