Customer Day

make sure you're getting the most from amplience

see the future of commerce
1pm-5pm. Thursday February 10 2021. Smith Centre at the science museum, london.

A half day of discovery in London’s Smith Centre at the Science Museum – exclusively for Amplience customers. Hear about our exciting updates, the latest product developments, and the great things that we have in store for you in 2021. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet other Amplience customers and learn how they’re using it to deliver better experiences.

if you're not experiencing the freedom to do more with amplience, you're not using it right. let's fix that.

an afternoon just for customers


We'll show you exactly how we're planning to update the platform over the next 12 months. So you can start planning for even better experiences.


Are you making the most of the platform? We'll take you through our most recent updates to make sure you're using it to full effect.


Meet other customers over drinks and appetizers. Share your knowledge and get insights into how others are using Amplience to make a difference.


Customer Day 2021. Science Museum, London. February 10.

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