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Dune London

“The Amplience platform ensures our content is always fast and consistent, giving our customers the richest experience possible.”

Steve Thomson, Lead UX and Digital Designer – Dune London

For seven years Dune London have been empowered by Amplience to create engaging online content by delivering rich experiences for their customers. The volume of assets they have to manage means they needed a system built for scale. The Amplience solution gave them the ability to centralise their assets and run a much faster experience.


Key benefits:

  • Consistence experiences of rich media across multiple channels and 100s of assets
  • Improved productivity between teams, enabling more collaborative working
  • One source of truth for images in centralised repositories across multiple marketplaces

“We’re incredibly excited about the future and as online retailing matures and evolves, we see Amplience as a key partner in that journey.”

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