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Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto Putting Best (eCommerce) Foot Forward with the Content-as-a-Service platform

Why Vince Camuto Chose Amplience

"Our partnership with Amplience has been wonderful. Their team has been responsive at every stage of the process - from evaluation to implementation to helping us make better use of the product. There is only so much time in the day and we haven't been able to take advantage of everything the tool has to offer, but we're excited to work closely with Amplience and reap further ROI from the Content-as-a-Service platform."

Diana Takach Former Vice President of Ecommerce at Vince Camuto


Vince Camuto needed something that would lay the framework for future growth and enable the brand to make better use of its image library to create rich and responsive experiences for shoppers.

90 %

Reduction in media production times

Increased site agility and publication speed

Advanced site functionality and rich content


As Vince Camuto’s eCommerce business took off the company realized it had outgrown the limitations of its web platform. The main challenges with the legacy dynamic media solution were scale and agility from an image management perspective.

Vince Camuto needed something that would lay the framework for future growth and enable the brand to make better use of its image library to create rich and responsive experiences for shoppers. In addition, the company was eager for a solution that would put more image management power in the hands of users—empowering its eCommerce team to try things out without requiring the involvement of a developer.



Given Vince Camuto’s desire for flexibility and rich imagery Amplience stood out as a natural partner. The company’s Content-as-a-Service platform provides a complete platform for digital content and media production, eliminating the need for developer resources to manage visual imagery and dynamic media needs.

Amplience integrated seamlessly into Vince Camuto’s existing eCommerce platform, providing the brand with immediate functionality. The company was instantly impressed with Amplience’s flexibility and the tool’s ability to unify editorial content, rich media and shoppable content into a platform easily managed by the eCommerce team.

Amplience has also streamlined and simplified the image management process for Vince Camuto’s global partner network. Now the brand’s partners can easily access content themselves via the Amplience tool, making the entire operation more self-reliant and efficient.



Implementing the Content-as-a-Service platform has enabled Vince Camuto to be much more dynamic and explore new imagery options. Prior to partnering with Amplience, the company would need to bring in a third-party developer to make any changes to the site’s imagery.

As a result, the team was often hesitant to experiment with various ideas. Now that these capabilities are within the eCommerce teams’ control, Vince Camuto has an enhanced ability to be more creative with its content.“Partnering with Amplience has allowed us to elevate the display of our products,” said Diana Takach, Vice President, eCommerce for Vince Camuto. “We’ve found the platform to be truly fantastic, with a very flexible structure that enables us to be much more dynamic with our media and do things we were unable to do in the past.”




Vince Camuto Case Study (PDF)

Read the full case study to find out the whole story of how Vince Camuto relaunched their site using Amplience.


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