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Amplience Delivers Foundation for Theory's Growth

Why Theory chose Amplience

"With Amplience, our team was able to automate and streamline image management. The solution empowered our engineers to create a single asset and seamlessly adapt and upload it for use across our website, mobile properties, email campaigns, and more. It was a vast improvement on previous processes, which required a new image to be created and uploaded for every different iteration."

Lauren Castellanos Former Director of Digital Production at Theory


Theory, a leading provider of contemporary clothing for men and women, determined that its rich media tools were not delivering optimal performance. Theory turned to the Amplience solutions to address this challenge.

Dynamically rendered any image variant on demand from a single master asset

2 x

Faster image and page load speed

Improved developer productivity


Theory’s website platform was outdated, and the team recognized the need to upgrade to a more current offering to support growth and advancement.

Theory uses images across its website, mobile properties, customer emails and more, which means a huge number of iterations, each of which demanded an engineer’s time. It was a cumbersome, time consuming process.

Theory wanted to grow and expand its business, and devoting this amount of time to image creation and management was not sustainable.



Theory turned to the Amplience solutions to address this challenge. Theory’s implementation was seamless – engineers were able to install the Amplience cartridge and immediately begin uploading and utilizing images.

Lauren Castellanos, Director of Digital Production for Theory, explained that Amplience rose above other solutions in the selection process for two main reasons: ease of workflow and breadth of features. “Amplience delivered the fast, seamless workflow that we needed to drive results,” said Castellanos.

The other key selling point for Theory is Amplience’s ability to support interactive merchandising and User Generated Content (UGC). Theory already implements interactive merchandising from Amplience across the #INTHEORY section of its website and has plans to expand it further across both its and Helmut Lang properties.



Creating and managing images through Amplience means engineers only need to review and approve them, versus dedicating the bulk of their day to creation. Additionally, Amplience’s usability enables Theory’s in- house designers to work directly in the solution, again freeing up engineers’ time and speeding processes. Finding these efficiencies has enabled the Theory team to devote more time to improving merchandising across its properties to help boost ROI and ultimately increase sales.

“Working with Amplience has really elevated image management for Theory,” added Castellanos. “Their solutions have helped us improve our processes and support faster growth for the brand. The team has been fabulous to work with, and we appreciate that Amplience is constantly updating their offerings and bringing new capabilities to the table. They have proven to be a true partner in helping us stay at the forefront of eCommerce.”


Theory Case Study (PDF)

Read the full case study to find out how Theory relaunched their site using Amplience.


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