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Shop Direct enhances its Customer Experience with Amplience

Why Shop Direct chose Amplience

"Since deploying Amplience Dynamic Media, we've seen distinct improvements in speed and agility in content sharing across our brands."

Sam Barton Former Head of User Experience, Shop Direct


Shop Direct strives to ensure a top-notch online and mobile experience that is as seamless and personalized as possible. Shop Direct understands the importance of a high-quality digital presence - 86 percent of the retailer's sales result from online purchases, with over 50% of those coming from mobile devices.

16 %

increase in sales growth

9 %

increase on year-on-year group sales

Improved team productivity, including speed of testing and optimization


Shop Direct needed to ensure that all its digital department stores delivered a premium experience to online and mobile customers that can cope with more than a million online visitors each day.

On top of this, Shop Direct needed to reuse images across its brands, and was looking for a way to simply and easily customize the URLs of the images by brand.

Similarly, Shop Direct were looking to ensure that its content remains visually fresh, and that its brands can respond to new product releases, and campaigns.



Shop Direct turned to the Amplience Dynamic Media, which enables the company to reuse images across its properties at any time, as well as easily customize the URLs of the images by brand, even when an image is in use by several domains at the same time.

Dynamic Media allows for centralized asset management while also enabling a streamlined workflow for contextual, independent brand management and simple asset sharing across accounts. With the new solution, brand managers have complete, brand-centric control over all visual assets.



Shop Direct is also now able to provide roundels, zoom, 360-degree rotation, in-video purchasing options and other rich media features that were cumbersome on the previous platform and required extensive customization across devices

The implementation has also had a positive effect on Shop Direct's SEO. Amplience's search-friendly file naming incorporates the brand URL with commonly searched terms so that both the company and the product being searched are clearly included in the URL itself.

Internally, the Shop Direct team involved in the project has seen significant improvements in content speed and efficiency since deploying Amplience. Specifically, the team noted impressive improvements with the product feed, timelines, quickview and speed of testing for interactive video.




Shop Direct Case Study (PDF)

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