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Why chose Amplience

"Our online presence is our business. That is why we never rest on the status quo, but place our focus on the future. Our mission at is to harness innovative technologies to provide a positive shopping experience across all our specialist shops. Amplience offered the power and capabilities we were looking for. In addition, we were impressed by the team's knowledge and expertize both before and after the migration. It's great to work with a partner that mirrors the drive and ambitions of our parent Otto Group."

Jurgen Holtschmidt Head of Technical Product Development, Marketing & Integration


Five years ago, the business was running its online operations on a complex, expensive and detrimentally slow legacy system. One that made it impossible to scale and deliver real-time service

Key Stats or Benefits

Fast and reliable delivery of the majority of media assets

Easy administration of assets and formats within the business

Professional collaboration between and Amplience


Understand customers and prospects better, in order to deliver relevant products in the right channel at the right time. Become responsive as a unified business across all channels, with shop management functions that give previews for all touchpoints. Change the goalposts – revise how the business measures KPIs for the new era of social sharing and engagement and how to be profitable from those.



After a process of rigorous testing and evaluation, chose to partner with Amplience to serve its dynamic media needs across the website.



The Amplience solution supports’s rich media delivery workflow. Assets like videos and images are delivered responsively, optimized for all online experiences. This enables the company to streamline costs and improve the quality of the online shopping experience for customers.

Otto_iPadPro-Portrait is the largest online store within the Otto Group. is one of the world's largest retail groups and has selected Amplience to replace its existing dynamic media solution.


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