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Mizuno USA

Mizuno USA uses Amplience to expand its brand story and provides customers with interactive online shopping experience.

Amplience has reduced my team’s time to market by 10-20 percent and customer responsiveness to our variation of images has been incredible. Since launching our conversion rate of images has improved by five times to those that do not have multiple images.

Keith Neely VP of Digital Marketing & eCommerce at Mizuno USA


Mizuno USA, a subsidiary of Mizuno Corporation, prides itself in the advancement of sporting goods and promotion of sports. Mizuno USA, manufactures and distributes sporting goods focusing on golf, baseball, volleyball, softball and running. Founded in 1980, Mizuno USA is headquartered in Norcross, GA, and offers products in North America and internationally.

Improved team productivity and reduced time-to-market by 10+%

Increased conversion rates by 5X

Relaunched website in 6 weeks

The Challenge

As a sporting goods retailer serving various sports categories with variation in product styles, color and size, Mizuno USA was looking for a quick and easy way to upload images onto its site. Prior to using Amplience, Mizuno USA’s product detail pages required a lot of heavy coding which made it difficult to upload multiple images onto Mizuno USA’s website.

To set itself apart from its competitors Mizuno was seeking to revamp its website to expose customers to multicategory products and provide an interactive online shopping experience. To achieve this, the company required a technology partner that could help manage product throughout its online store to enhance the customer journey.


The Amplience Advantage

In its search for a Dynamic Media and Content Production partner, Mizuno USA sought a platform that could easily adapt images for any context. When looking to replace it’s existing media platform, Amplience stood out for its ability to deliver high quality content to consumers all while at a more affordable price than their previous platform.

Amplience’s Content Hub and Dynamic Media solution provide a simple dynamic method to adapt images for any context, and provide high-definition zoom images showing the rich detail of its products. Amplience made it easy for Mizuno USA to download all API and media assets they needed as well as transfer images from their previous platform. This solved complicated coding difficulties and URL challenges Mizuno USA experienced with its previous content management solution. With Amplience, Mizuno USA was able to easily create engaging experiences across all devices and channels to provide customers with detailed product imagery and an interactive online shopping experience.


The Solution in Action

Mizuno USA’s revamped website launched in November 2017 following an implementation process that only took about six weeks. The website was restructured to provide a mega menu exposing customers to different categories. Since launching the new website, Mizuno USA finds that customers are adding products cross category as they check out.

Amplience has made it less cumbersome for Mizuno USA to create media sets that can be used to serve up a variation of product images to set up directly to the company website. In the past, Mizuno would only publish about 2 images per product due to the work that this required. Now, with Amplience, Mizuno USA is able to provide three to four images of the same product because it’s simpler for the team to handle. Amplience’s efficiency in supporting the delivery of variation in product images has significantly reduced the time to getting a product to go live on the company website. The availability of high-res 360 images and zoom capabilities provide customers with a detailed view of the quality of Mizuno USA products.

Since launching its new website, Mizuno USA has received outstanding responses from customers. “Customers are extremely happy because they get more variation of our products and enjoy the interactive experience that our 360 images provide,” Keith Neely, vice president of digital marketing & eCommerce at Mizuno USA. “Amplience has reduced my team’s time to market by 10-20 percent and customer responsiveness to our variation of images has been incredible. Since launching our conversion rate of images has improved by five times to those that do not have multiple images.”

“As we continue to expand our online footprint it’s critical that our customers get the same level of product detail while shopping online as they do in-store. We’re pleased to be able to share our overarching brand story more widely and expose our customers to our large array of products across all the various sports categories we serve,” said Neely.


Mizuno USA Case Study (PDF)

Read the full case study to find out how Mizuno USA uses Amplience for an interactive shopping experience.

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