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Three Things I Learned In My First Ninety Days at Amplience

January 2nd, 2019

By Brian Walker, Chief Strategy Officer at Amplience

It has been ninety days now since I joined the great team at Amplience, and in the course of that I have had the opportunity to engage with many leading merchants, marketers, partners, thought-leaders, and analysts around the core questions of how the content, commerce, and marketing worlds are evolving. Combined with the start of the new year, that has put me in a reflective mood. So here are a few of the things that have really struck me over the last few months:

All three of these portend major changes in the enterprise solutions market. A new crop of solutions is emerging to meet these challenges, and legacy solutions are scrambling to keep up. While perhaps not new, in my view these trends are clearly accelerating, and it will be interesting to what degree these become the de-facto approach and key business requirements in 2019.

Eager to hear how these resonate with you, Happy New Year, and thanks,


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