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Making (Millennial) Spirits Bright: Keeping Millennials Happy During the Holidays and Beyond

December 16th, 2016

Much has been made about how the millennial generation has challenged brands to find new ways to deliver personalized experiences. Consumers in this demographic expect to be able to shop wherever and however it is convenient for them, and retailers must be able to deliver on these instant gratification demands in order to be competitive.


With the holidays fast approaching, Amplience’s CEO and Founder, James Brooke, recently spoke with Daniela Forte of Multichannel Merchant to provide insight into the mind of millennial shoppers this holiday season and beyond. Below are a few highlights from their conversation:

As James states, “millennials are a busy generation and don’t have the time—or the desire—to fight the lines in a crowded store.” By and large, the demographic spends a significant amount of time scrolling Instagram or Pinterest and wants the ability to purchase an item directly from these and other social channels. This represents a significant milestone for our industry as it brings the ecommerce experience into the realm of social media.

In this revolutionary new ecommerce world, it follows that mobile has become the preferred shopping channel for millennials. This group is never far from their phones, meaning they can start and stop the purchase journey at their leisure throughout the day.

Millennials want to align themselves with brands that stand for something. The Honest Company, Amazon and Fitbit are a few examples of retailers the group tends to gravitate towards. Each of these brands has a distinct platform—health, convenience and cool. Another thing these companies have in common is a strong ecommerce presence. As such, brands that want to tap into the buying power of the millennial generation should ensure they provide an intuitive, mobile responsive ecommerce experience.

Millennials want the best deals and know how to compare retailers until they find them. It’s important that brands offer an ecommerce experience that enables shoppers to really view the item prior to purchase. For example, features like 360 spin views, deep zooms and mobile optimized product media are critical for enabling shoppers to interact with products online.

You can see more takeaways from James’ conversation with Daniela here, but one thing is clear: if the millennial generation is a key demographic for your company you need to make it easy for them to shop anywhere. As James says, “nine times out of ten, a brand that is centered around convenience will draw a strong millennial fan base.”

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