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Footwear Showdown: North America vs. United Kingdom

December 14th, 2016

In today’s digital landscape there are multiple ways to reach consumers and brands are forced to measure up with rich, engaging content. Taking this into consideration we have benchmarked data to measure content performance across leading digital retailers.

Several factors impact a brand’s content success including, Rich Media. Features such as 360 degree views, extreme zoom and embedded video – and making them responsive for easy access across multiple devices – heightens the online shopping experience and helps customers better connect with a brand.

This is derived from our Big Content Index (BCI) which determines how a brand’s online presence ranks across five key content types: Editorial Content, Rich Media, Social Media, User Generated Content (UGC) and Guided Selling. We set out to rank footwear brands across North America and the United Kingdom – an “across the pond” content showdown!

About half of the brands sampled reached a middle mark, ranging from 33% – 55%, leaving significant room for content improvement. The overall BCI average was at 47.8%, this standard was met for North America, and a trail off of 45% with the United Kingdom. At a glance, it is hard to figure where the two regions differ.

Editorial is a fair section to take note on – with an overall average of 44%. Three brands were able to overwhelm this average by doubling the average. Of these brands, two were based in North America (Famous Footwear and Saucony).

Three of the top five brands are based in North America, giving them the finishing touch with a win in the content showdown!

At Amplience, we understand the challenges of ecommerce and how to help our clients conquer them. The digital future is bright, and we are happy to distribute content solutions. Find out how Amplience can help you achieve your content goals. You can also see this information summarized in our infographic below.


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