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Engage the Senses - User Experience in the Social Media and Touch Screen Device Paradigm

May 23rd, 2012

We know that commerce is changing rapidly. Tablet adoption is the fastest in the history of any device. Gartner forecast that by 2015 over 50% of all ecommerce transactions will come from some kind of mobile our tablet device.

When you combine this mobile usage with the enormous impact of social media, it is clear that these channels will come to dominate digital interaction with brands. The potential benefits for retailers are huge, since social and touch together hold the key to creating a virtuous circle of consumer engagement and brand alignment – driving long term competitive advantage and significant, sustainable increases in conversion and AOV.

But, as touch and social commerce come to the fore, the rules of engagement are changing fast. So, simply transposing catalogue and browser experiences to touch and tagging on social elements is not enough.

So the question is, what should retailers and brands do to harness the opportunities that social media and touch screen devices bring?

These are the themes explored in our whitepaper, ‘Engage the Senses’.

We look at how touch and social optimised experiences must both be at the heart of thebrand experience and how to make the most of their huge commercial potential, means understanding the psychologies which drive effective touch experiences and which shape patterns of social behaviour.

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