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Through the eyes of the customer: the holy grail of retail content

May 22nd, 2018

The customer’s hunger for content has grown insatiable. As shoppers have migrated from instore to online, they demand an ever-growing stream of rich, diverse content – including interactive images, product previews, videos and gifs – to stay engaged.

The challenge has only grown with the rise of mobile commerce. The convenience of shopping on a smartphone means customers now think in ‘mobile moments’. The customer wants something and pulls out their phone, but if they can’t find what they are looking for fast the sale is lost.

Attention spans are shrinking and retailers are no longer just competing with each other. Online brands are now fighting for attention against all content creators on the worldwide web.

Content forms the backbone of the customer experience. Retailers have to ensure theirs is top-notch to have any chance of breaking through the noise and connecting to their audience.

A formula for success

Retailers invest a great deal of time, energy and budget in their online content. When it fails to make an impact it becomes both a wasted investment and a wasted opportunity.

It’s a familiar story, and one that retailers know only too well. Yet, what if there was a formula that could deliver dynamic, engaging content that drives sales across all devices?

When retailers consider the customer journey from the shopper’s perspective, they realise great content is made of four key dimensions:

When customers reach your landing page they rarely do so by chance. They have a mission to complete, a specific product they are looking for, or a desire to fulfil. Retailers that use their content to tell their brand story, provide information clearly and at quantity, and who make the experience diverse, enjoyable and accessible have much to play for.

Taken together, brand, product information, rich media and access all help shoppers complete their customer journey. They represent best-practice for content in online retail.

Getting to the grail: Content Audits

Knowing the destination is only half the battle. Actually creating a content strategy that delivers engaging, informative and profitable content requires a fresh approach.

Amplience Content Audits assess retailers websites through the eyes of the eyes of the shopper. They analyse 90 data points across the dimensions of brand, product information, rich media and access, to score how engaging the content is and helps retailers craft content that is fit for today’s mobile-first, digital consumers.

A Content Audit evaluates content across both the retailer’s product categories and their online channels. As mobile commerce is a relatively new phenomenon, it is often the most neglected channel for content. Too often it fails to load or is incompatible with the platform. The Content Audit’s omnichannel perspective, however, ensures that no stone is left unturned.

Crucially, Content Audits also provide retailers with insightful reports that show how their content compares to their competitors’. It then offers recommendations that improve the shopper experience. The audits data-driven approach ensures these recommendations are based in fact and contribute towards a proven content model.

Winning the battle for hearts and wallets can only be done when retailers think like their customers. Successful customer engagement is about helping the customer complete their mission with style and flair. Content Audits is a valuable tool to help brands build best-in-market content models that do just that.

By Chris Haines, Director of Consulting, Amplience

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