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Black Friday 2017

December 28th, 2017

Driven by Black Friday, November 2017 has been the busiest month so far for the Amplience platform. November has seen Amplience delivering over 171 Billion content objects, a total of 7.5 Petabytes of bandwidth, an amount equivalent to what Amplience delivered for the whole of 2015. The traffic during November was 94% higher than that of October. The peak load being on November 23rd, 2017 at 21:00; Amplience delivered 154,000 requests per second to support over 2.3 visitors per hour. Peak volume occurred on Black Friday itself delivering 1.7 TBs

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Over the five-day period, Friday was the busiest day which delivered over 7 billion items of content. This was a 165% increase in traffic volume compared to 2016. November is the beginning of the peak period for many retailers, and Black Friday is typically the climax - in the Fridays preceding Black Friday we found a growth rate of 119% and 181% in total volume and total requests.

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Black Friday's busiest timeframe was between 6pm and 8pm, where traffic peaked equaling 12% of overall visits.

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Web browsers are still the main means for visiting retail channels (accounting for 93% of traffic). Native Apps are starting to gain some traction with 5.3% of overall visitors. Apps were used heavily in the first few days of the peak period but then tail off. This year Chrome was the clear leader (37.9% of visits), closely followed by Safari (28%).

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