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Amplience Video Marketing boosts conversion rates for A|Wear by 30%

April 17th, 2013

Pure Collection, Britain’s leading online cashmere retailer, has cut campaign media production costs and development time 90%, by adopting Amplience’s Rich Adaptive Media Platform (RAMP).

Pure Collection selected Amplience in order to produce engaging campaign content more efficiently for both its UK and US websites. The adoption of Amplience technology has resulted in time and money savings on the development side, as well as increasing the engagement time on each page.

Using Amplience, campaigns are developed and published by one non-technical employee in a matter of minutes. Previously each campaign could take up to 7 hours to develop before publishing. “With our Inspiration Collections consisting of up to 20 pages, and each page needing to be replicated for the US market, Amplience has delivered highly significant time and cost savings,” said Graeme Hogg online designer at Pure Collection

“Campaigns have become the number one method for retailers to drive traffic to their online stores,” said James Brooke, CEO at Amplience. “We’ve seen the campaign cycle increase in speed, with retailers getting more campaigns out to market each year. However, each campaign is a huge investment in both time and money, particularly for luxury retailers investing heavily in quality imagery. By reducing the development costs associated with turning these assets into campaigns, retailers and marketers are able to dramatically increase margins and cut down time to market.”

Analytics from the Amplience suite has also enabled Pure Collection to optimise the performance of their online campaigns according to click through and engagement rates.

“The biggest benefit for us has been the ability to significantly reduce the amount of time we spend on the routine tasks involved with getting out a campaign. This gives us more time to focus on making qualitative improvements to the experience and analysing the data we receive,” explained Graeme Hogg. “With Amplience’s rich adaptive media platform, we’ve become much more responsive with the layout and design of the site and able to update our engaging ‘inspiration’ content more quickly,”

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