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Amplience highlights of 2018

February 4th, 2019

With 70% of website traffic now through mobile, businesses need more content to ensure shoppers receive engaging, personalized experiences. With the adoption of mobile, content is being distributed via Amplience more than ever before. In 2018, Amplience averaged 1,500 API calls every minute for the entire year!

In the below article, Amplience CTO, John Williams delves into the 13 Amplience platform highlights of 2018. As these trends continue throughout 2019, Amplience is positioned to scale in order to handle the increased demand.

2018 was an epic year for Amplience starting out with the very successful release of the new Dynamic Content platform. We have received amazing feedback from both our existing and new customers who have rapidly adopted the new version of the product.

Building on a great start, 2018 also had an exceptional ending with the announcement of Amplience entering the Forrester Wave™ for Web CMS for the first time, and with a fantastic position as a ‘Strong Performer’.

During the year the platform continued to perform well and delivered a massive 1.4 trillion content objects from the CDN’s at the edge! That’s the same as every single person on the planet requesting 185 objects from Amplience. It’s no surprise that Black Friday caused the largest peak of traffic in 2018 where we delivered more than double our average monthly traffic, December in comparison seen traditionally as the peak for retail delivered one and a half times traffic.


Amplience Dynamic Content Delivery

Let’s start with the content we delivered for our customers. It was again a tremendous year for the support and operations teams who tirelessly work on the system to ensure it scales to meet the growing appetite our customers have for content with a 99.99% monthly up-time SLA (<4 mins a month!). The first chart shows a summary of the counts of content objects delivered. From the data it appears that Black Friday is the dominant peak for retail trading year.

Traffic profile for Amplience edge delivery 2018


1. 1.4 trillion content objects delivered including Images, videos and text-based API calls for JSON content

2. This totals a size of 56 Petabytes - that’s the same as 868 years of HD video

3. Mobile accounted for 70% of traffic (desktop traffic is now lower than mobile traffic was in 2013).

Content Creation

Before content can be delivered it is either uploaded as assets (video / image) is or produced in Dynamic Content business application, here are some key stats:

4. We store over 250 million content assets in Amplience

5. Half a million of these assets are videos

6. In 2018 our customers uploaded 586% more images to the Amplience platform than the previous year - that's 156 million images uploaded throughout the year

7. Customers uploaded an average of 13m a month with a peak rate of over 46 million images uploaded in the largest month – that’s the same as the total number of images we held in the Amplience platform up-until 2017!

8. 131 million content objects were published to our content delivery services

Management API Calls

Our entire system is based on Microservices. Every feature in the UI uses one or more microservices; scripts and integrations are also developed entirely using these services. What this makes even more challenging is being a multi-tenanted platform means we must ensure the system is architected to scale for every customer simultaneously.

9. 814 million microservices calls to our content and asset management APIs. That’s 1,548 calls to the APIs every minute

10. An average of 66 million calls to the APIs were made in a given month

11. This peaked at over 92 million API call in one month

Black Friday, the top peak for the year

As Black Friday had the largest peak of the year, let’s drill down into the detail.

What was most striking to me was the shape of the graph compared to previous years. Previously Friday’s peak was followed by another peak Sunday or Monday. This year it was fairly flat after the main Black Friday event.


12. 9.85 Petabytes of bandwidth in November

13. 12.7 Billion content objects served in the ‘Black Fiveday’ period

2018 was certainly a great year for Amplience with the platform consistently delivering great value for our customers at tremendous scale, the new release of Dynamic Content and the entry onto the Forrester Wave™ for the first time.

What makes it even more exciting is that customers have continued to benefit from our true cloud multi-tenanted approach - 107 releases were made on the platform last year without a single customer having to go through the pain of upgrading versions – with Amplience there is only one version.

There are even more super super exciting releases to come this year which will continue transform content management as we know it. Stay tuned!

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