What you'll learn in this Webinar

To respond to a rapidly changing online market, ecommerce teams need the tools to keep up with customers who are demanding personalised experiences. Creating personalised experiences places a huge burden on content teams who need to adapt high quality media to suit every circumstance.

In this webinar, we show how our new Dynamic Media tools allow content teams to dynamically transform images on-demand. This means that retailers can enable product customisation, including monogramming and custom colours, as well as a huge range of specific images.

What you’ll learn in this webinar

Adapting Images On-demand
– Discover how you can change each aspect of an image, including the background, foreground, and any text on it

Enabling Product Customisation
– Easily add personalisable elements to product images, including monogramming, and custom colours

Give Business Users Design Control
– Free up designers by removing small changes and tweaks, and placing them in the hands of business users


John Williams
John Williams CTO, Amplience

John is responsible for Amplience’s research and development and has a track record of matching technical innovation with business strategy. John was previously CTO and Head of Technology at LBi, the global digital agency, and has an MBA from Imperial College.

Rich Sarchioni Sales Engineer
Matt Rowe Creative Director

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