The Content Authoring Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) makes it easy to integrate Amplience-created content modules with Salesforce Commerce Cloud page templates.
The result?
Seamless Content and Commerce experiences that work responsively across any device and screen type, without complex front-end coding.

Key Features


Create and integrate rich editorial, blog and feature content into the commerce journey


Utilize key Demandware features like A/B testing and Search


Integrate product data with content to create shoppable content experiences


Drive iOS and Android App experiences from the Content API


Create content that passes Google Mobile-Friendly tests, effortlessly


Accelerate development with pre-built rendering kits for key Content and Commerce types


Utilize Handlebars tempting to generate HTML Content Assets

A Complex Workflow...

Using Commerce Cloud’s own CMS to create rich editorial, feature and blog content is not always straightforward. Every content element requires HTML coding, while composite content like Carousels, Lookbooks and Grids also demand JavaScript coding. This content complexity problem is compounded when using Responsive Web Design alongside modern JavaScript and App frameworks.

As a result, creating a consistently rich content driven experience that works everywhere can be a complex, costly, developer-oriented process.


An Elegant Solution

The Amplience Content Authoring Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud solves this problem, taking the critical step of separating content from presentation.

It overcomes the content complexity problems associated with traditional Web Content Management (WCM) systems, which treat content and presentation as indivisible. They lock content in-channel, making it hard to re-purpose for all brand touchpoints.

Amplience streamlines and simplifies content authoring to provide wrapper-free, rich content and through Commerce Cloud integration, render it responsively wherever and however it is needed. It is a powerful solution designed to drive your content and commerce strategy.

Amplience streamlines rich content production via a business-user friendly Content Authoring app that runs on the Amplience Retail Engagement platform. Published content can be imported into the Commerce Cloud content library as Responsive-ready HTML via the Amplience Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and OCAPI APIs.

Different content schemas can be used to create interactive components and composite content types, such as carousels, look-books, “magalogs”, grids, galleries and complex content panels – all of which can appear on a variety of site pages.
Pre-built or custom Rendering Kits convert JSON-LD content into the HTML that populates a Commerce Cloud Content Asset – with no need for development time or coding.


For more technical detail about how the Content Authoring Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud works to integrate content and Ecommerce, download the datasheet in the Resources section below.

Business User Workflow


With the Amplience Content Authoring Cartridge and Commerce Cloud Business Manager Module, business users can easily:


Create new Amplience content assets and sync the content of existing ones


Trigger content updates across one or more pre-selected assets


View details of all recently updated assets


Add (or look up) the GUID of published Amplience content modules that have not yet been imported into Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Preview content components (such as Carousels and Grids) and articles on a Commerce Cloud staging instance, before they are pushed to the production environment.


Content Authoring Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud - Datasheet (PDF)

An detailed overview of Amplience's Content Authoring solution for Commerce Cloud, including content types and technical information


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The Content Authoring Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud is one example of seamless ecommerce integrations with the Amplience Retail Engagement platform; a complete platform for digital content and media production.

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