Why Sleepy's chose Amplience

"Since implementing Amplience Dynamic Media, Sleepy’s has not only streamlined internal image management processes, we’ve also made great strides in delivering the most efficient, effective usability for our customers and providing a better visual experience to help them feel more secure in their purchasing decisions.”

Christopher Cucuzza VP of IT, Sleepy's


Sleepy’s is America’s largest privately-owned and operated specialty mattress retailer. The company operates over 1,000 retail showrooms, and also has a thriving online business. Sleepy’s looked to optimize image management during its site redesign, improving internal processes and workflows, as well as page load speed and customer experience. Sleepy’s turned to Amplience’s Dynamic Media, which allowed it to deliver an optimal customer experience online and offline.

Key Stats or Benefits

15 %

increase in overall conversions

20 %

increase in revenue related to the overall site redesign

20 %

boost in productivity


Sleepy’s images, which were used by its POS, the company intranet and its websites, were housed in an Oracle database and required constant manual resizing and uploads. This was a very time-intensive endeavor that negatively impacted internal workflow and processes.

Sleepy’s previous platform didn’t allow for visual enhancements that would enable efficient usability for customers, and the company sought to replace it with a system that not only facilitated visual engagements, but also enabled them across channels.



To address these issues, Sleepy’s turned to Amplience’s Dynamic Media, which enabled the company to upload images through the platform and adapt them automatically, on the fly. Dynamic imaging allows retailers to easily resize all images from one master asset, optimize video delivery for all devices (including iOS) and showcase product details with integrated video, zoom and spin.

Sleepy’s is an omnichannel retailer, with 45 percent of its customers engaging with the company across a smartphone or tablet device – often utilizing multiple devices during the same purchasing journey. The platform has helped the company deliver information in the fastest way possible across any device and provide an optimal customer experience both online and offline.



Providing a seamless customer experience, no matter the channel in play, is critical for Sleepy’s and is a key element of what dynamic media helps deliver. The results speak for themselves. Since Sleepy’s Amplience implementation, revenues have been steadily on the rise.

These include a 15% increase in overall conversions, a 20% increase in revenue related to the site redesign, and a 20% boost in productivity.




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