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Why Saks Fifth Avenue chose Amplience

"Working with Amplience has enabled us to seamlessly transfer the Saks brand to digital channels, without compromising quality or originality."

Jordan Lustig Vice President of Digital Product Management at Saks Fifth Avenue


The Saks Fifth Avenue brand was born in 1924, when doors first opened at its flagship 5th Avenue location. Today the brand is renowned for excellent service, and for selling the best of European and American designers throughout its 39 stores.


Built first interactive, shoppable, online magalog in just three weeks

Increased merchandising reach and frequency of magalog releases

Integrated rich editorial content into the commerce journey

Optimized for every mobile, tablet, and desktop screen


The Saks Fifth Avenue print magalog has long been an important touch point for fashion-conscious shoppers.

Saks’ Vice President of Digital Product Management, Jordan Lustig, recognized that the time was right to bring the magalog into the digital age.

Adapting such a large print production to a digital format is no easy task. The challenge meant efficiently reallocating resources to capture the essence of the magalog in its digital form and maximizing its value by adding interactive and shoppable elements. Saks also wanted to enable its merchandisers to create and transfer their print catalogs to the web in the form of shoppable experiences.



To achieve these goals, the brand turned to Amplience to support its content production needs. However, the size of Saks’ magalog pages presented some challenges. Existing content management tools came with certain functionality restrictions that meant critical processes were more laborious than necessary.

To address this challenge, Amplience presented Saks with a new option: the ability to write the magalog content schema in Amplience’s new Content Authoring Solution.

Amplience created a workflow that used the same master content base and only required two elements from Saks on a monthly basis: the actual magalog pages, which are delivered via a single PDF for each magalog, and the product data, a single data file that associates specific product SKUs to specific magalog pages.



Using Amplience’s Content Authoring Solution saved Saks huge amounts of time. Saks can essentially write content within the Amplience system, dictate its appearance, publish it and tell it how to behave when it hits the front page.

The Amplience Content Authoring Solution has also enabled Saks to significantly increase the frequency of digital magalog releases, by enabling the retailer to create one content template that can be seamlessly updated and repurposed.

Saks’ merchandising reach has increased, and because Amplience makes content reuse simple and easy, it massively increases the overall ROI on Saks’ investment in digital content assets. Furthermore, Saks can track usage, interactions with specific content and sales metrics directly from the digital magalog – a level of granular feedback that printed materials simply cannot deliver.




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