Content performance is dependent on three factors: Reach, Quality, and Agility


Each factor is an important performance driver in its own right – but only by mastering Reach, Quality and Agility simultaneously can you maximize the impact of digital content investment.

Unfortunately finite resource, a complex mix of legacy content solutions, and a fragmented customer journey mean that improvements to one factor – be it Reach, Quality, or Agility – often come at the expense of another.

This is the Big Content Challenge.



Extending content reach is not just about Responsive Web Design.

Creating content that works on every device and screen and is localized for the markets that you address is a critical capability – however it is only part of the answer when it comes to maximizing content reach.

Content reach and performance must also drive commercial performance. So it’s vital that content is seamlessly integrated with the ecommerce experience, and not hidden away on its own separate ‘brand’ site or blog URL.




Customer journeys are complex and fragmented, spanning an ever-expanding array of channels. Catering for every relevant retail and social channel is complex – but the only way to reach your full market.


Devices & Apps

It’s vital to syndicate and optimize digital experiences for every device and app combination your audience chooses – almost half of online purchases now take place on mobile or tablet devices.


Locales & Languages

Creating localized experiences boosts international trade and brand familiarity, but also multiplies your content creation and delivery workload.


Content & Commerce

Content must be integrated with the main commerce journey in order to take advantage of existing traffic in the main path to purchase.

“Since deploying Amplience Dynamic Media, we’ve seen distinct improvements in speed and agility in content sharing across our brands.”

Sam Barton, Head of User Experience at Shop Direct


Is your customer journey rich, engaging, fast and reliable?

High quality customer experiences combine editorial content, shoppable media, rich media, user generated content, and interactive guided selling tools into a seamless customer journey, and then optimize and personalize the content to maximize performance. Not only that, but high quality content rich experiences load fast, every time.

This is easier said than done, as each content type typically requires its own tools, workflows and integrations into each channel. For an organization with a web site, mobile site, iOS and Android Apps, and in-store displays – this can amount to 25 separate integrations, which are costly to maintain, hard to optimize, and lead to poor page load performance and lost content in the journey.


Rich Customer Journeys

An enjoyable, easy shopping experience leads to higher conversion, but requires rich visuals and engaging content to inspire shoppers.


Rapid and Reliable Delivery

Every micro-second counts for content load times. Impatient shoppers take their business elsewhere if loading fails, or takes too long.

“Amplience has enabled us to design much more creative and engaging content for the site. We’ve invested in our ecommerce proposition and have been rewarded with high levels of engagement.”

Sarah Lukins, Head of Ecommerce at L.K.Bennett


The best performing brands deliver high frequency content and are quick to innovate.

The Agility report from industry analysts L2, identifies the frequency with which content can be changed, and the speed at which the organization can innovate as the two key capabilities of high performing brands.

However, a complex mix of existing content and customer experience systems, each with their own integrations, workflows and user experiences, makes adopting new technologies a slow and expensive process. Content update frequency is only as fast as the slowest system, making content agility one of the most complex challenges to solve.


High Frequency Content

Stale content quickly becomes invisible. Regularly updated content on all channels will drive revisits, customer engagement, brand relevance, and - ultimately - your conversion rate.


Rate of Innovation

No-one knows what's around the corner, but employing future-proof technology and keeping content on-trend helps your brand stay relevant, and protects your revenue stream.

“We’ve been able to create a really stunning site that completely immerses customers as they explore. Conversions are up 8%, revenues 27%, and bounce rates have fallen 28%.”

Nicola Huet, Director of Digital at Sweaty Betty

Amplience measures retailers’ digital performance by assessing Reach, Quality and Agility against the five key content types via the Big Content Index – and the Amplience Customer Success team solves your Big Content Challenges by implementing tailored solutions on the Big Content Cloud. Find out more:

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