What is the BCI?

BCI is a powerful measurement tool which assesses Reach, Quality, and Agility — the three critical dimensions of digital content performance — in order to help you deliver measurable improvements to your customer experience and solve the Big Content Challenge.

BCI scores digital content performance objectively on specific criteria across five key content types:


In providing a granular analysis of content successes, failures, and omissions, BCI reveals which aspects of your content strategy are serving your marketing and sales goals, and which need further investment.

The result?

A clear roadmap to better sales and marketing performance, through targeted and tangible improvements to your content production capabilities.

As well as assessing your individual content performance, BCI's objective and consistent scoring methodology allows comparison and ranking against other brands – enabling you to benchmark performance against competitors.


2016 BCI Report Insights

With scores for over 500 leading global online retailers, the Amplience Big Content Index is a unique source of content strategy insight:

500+ leading global online retailers 5 key content areas analyzed
79% of retailers don't use video on product pages - despite up to 53% of consumers in the world's largest markets using video as a source of recommendations*
98% have a content dead end from UGC - losing valuable sales opportunities by omitting a link back to PDPs
Only 37% drive their Social Media traffic to the commerce journey to encourage conversion.


*L2 Intelligence Report, Content & Commerce

Discover the Top Performers

How BCI can help your business

BCI helps you to ask the important questions about your content performance.

  • Is your content strategy serving your sales and marketing goals?
  • How well do you stack up against your competition?
  • Which changes should you prioritize for a fast return on content investment?

In conjunction with the Big Content Index scoring methodology, Amplience can help you determine how well you’re addressing the Big Content Challenge — and go on to solve it.

Tackling the Big Content Challenge should be the number one priority for every retailer. To learn more and get your BCI score, contact us.

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