Amplience AMP App for IBM Websphere Commerce, Commerce Composer

Rich Interactive Media for Better Digital Customer Experiences

Strategic global partners Amplience have partnered with IBM to deliver a new app to infuse the digital customer experience with rich, interactive media. The new app integrates with IBM WebSphere Commerce allowing users to easily produce creative, inspirational marketing and merchandising content, including banners, carousels, look-books and style guides, as well as rich dynamic media at product and search pages.

IBM Commerce Composer gives online retailers unprecedented control over the customer experience. Retailers will have a ‘blank canvas’ for creating and managing the content and layout of their web store pages, with no need to turn to IT for development. The increased flexibility and faster time to market allows users to react quickly to market opportunities, and better differentiate their stores from the competition.

The IBM Commerce Composer integration supports the Amplience ‘Dynamic Media’ product which enables product and lifestyle images and videos to be served on-demand – from a single, high-resolution master asset – in the size, format and quality required, without manual intervention. Dynamic Media improves SEO, and transforms content production agility for mobile and responsive web-designs.

Select the Amplience App from the library

Select the Amplience App from the library

Select the Page Layout

Select the Page Layout

Getting Started

The Amplience App is a component within the IBM Commerce Composer app library for IBM Websphere Commerce.  Users login to the web-based interface in the Commerce Management Center (CMC).

Using the Commerce Composer tool, the app can be assigned to any slot of a custom layout for display throughout the store.

If enabled, the module will responsively scale and/or crop to fit within the container. The module will be centered in the container

From there, users will start Commerce Composer and then select the desired page layout from a series of templates or create their own from a ‘blank sheet’.   Within the page layout, the user selects the particular layout slot they wish to populate with content, then selects the Amplience app from the app library.   Within the Amplience app, users will then define the height and width of the content areas before populating with content ingested via Amplience.

Further controls enable users with responsively designed websites, to define the responsive nature of the content area, which when switched on, enable the module to responsively scale and/or crop to fit within the container.

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